WordPress is Your Answer

Going beyond Blogger and want to move into the world of self hosting? WordPress is you answer. Besides blogging it can be used for all types of websites like portfolio publishing, event management,  magazine style sites, etc. For every website you need their is a way that WordPress can design a solution. Sometimes it will take a lot work, sometimes not so much, but it can always be done.

The Common Questions

Q) What’s the Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

A) WordPress.com is run by a company called Automattic, and offers a version that’s taken care of for you which you can find by going to WordPress.com – all you have to do is write your blog posts. If you want to do something more complex, head on over to WordPress.org to download the WordPress software and get started, but remember you’ll need somewhere to host the files yourself.

Q) What Belongs on a Page and What Should Go in a Post?

A) A page contains information which is unlikely to change over a great deal of time. For example, your contact page is probably going to remain largely unchanged over months or even years. A post contains something which is time sensitive like a message about an offer that your cafe has on at the moment or news about a big client your law firm has just won.

Why Should You Use WordPress?

  1. Tons of plugins – a plugin is a package of code that someone has written to accomplish a specific task. For example, Akismet is a plugin which makes sure that WordPress doesn’t get completely spammed by wayward spammers. Some more fun examples of things that plugins can do are embedding Flickr streams, put one of those neat sliding images that you see on websites these days, make your events calendar look and work better than the default one. ”
  2. You’re in good company – There’s an impressive list of people who are using WordPress already. They include: CNN, Smashing Magazine, Time, National Geographic, and many more.
  3. Support is fantastic – If you ever get stuck, you’re never alone.  The WordPress.org support forums are incredible places to find answers to questions with a very dedicated community who love to help.