Great Reasons to use WordPress

Is WordPress the best solution for your business?

WordPress may be the most popular Content Management System (CMS) out there, but is it the best for your website?

Let’s look at what specific benefits it offers that elevate it above the competition!

Ease of Use

Advanced HTML and CSS knowledge and programming skills is not needed for WordPress users. Do you know how to use a word processor? Then you can learn to use WordPress!

Is it both complex and robust? Yes! It’s advanced features can handle any part of your web design — advanced users are able to improve and customize to their heart’s content. Anything is possible with WordPress.

Open Source

It is open source which means no one person or entity “owns” WordPress. There is no corporation that dictates its future based upon shareholder’s interests or profiteering aims. It is developed by an large community of extremely talented people, and anyone is welcome to take part.

The Community

There are in excess of 72 million WordPress sites in existence, and nearly 15% of the top million web sites in the world run on WordPress. That kind of manpower and demand is unparalleled and arguably impossible to compete with. There are literally millions of people all around the world contributing to its ongoing development. It is not going anywhere! It is a product with mass appeal and amazing functionality.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress is a platform upon which any conceivable website can be designed. There are  literally tens of thousands of themes and plugins to add functionality to your website.


You will never be able to build something that WordPress cannot handle. Scale is not an issue! Massive government and business websites use WordPress. You are in good company! What works for you today will also work under the circumstances of your growth.