Third Law websites are:

  • Affordable: I hesitate to use that word because to do a complete website is not cheap. The base rate for any new site is $3000 to be completed in 2 months depending on the scope. It is this baseline price that allows me to give your site the attention it deserves. You will see lower estimates for sure, even in the $1000 range. A company charging that rate would minimally need to design 4 websites at the price per month to continue doing business. You will not get the attention your business deserves with that model.
  • User Friendly: The design and development of  all websites are done with the visitor in mind. The layout and format of the website is carefully planned to appeal to your target audience. What good is your site if it is hard to use?
  • Properly Coded: All websites, e-commerce solutions and custom web applications are strategically planned and programmed to current web standards. All code is effecient, optimized and stable.
  • Mobile Friendly: A version of your site can be customized to be used on any device your users may have. Phones, tablets, laptops, and even TVs. When I say customized, I mean customized. Many webdevelopers will offer you a template that can be viewed on your phone. It will be dull and will not reflect the design of your site. The design I will give you will stay true to your brand and adjust to the needs of your visitors.
  • Search Engine Optimized: Most business websites require the assistance of search engines to drive traffic. All websites are designed to be fully optimized for best results on search engines. The programming techniques combined with our search engine optimization will create a successfully ranked website.
  • Speed: All Third Law websites are designed with speed in mind. Google has begun ranking sites in the search engine based on speed. The average time for a website to load is 4 seconds. If your site takes longer than 6 seconds you might as well not have a website because the visitor will leave your site and look elsewhere. My websites consistantly load in under 1 second!
  • Constantly Monitored: Program tracking software is added to all websites allowing clients to monitor their traffic.

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