Website Design: WordPress or Drupal?

drupal-vs-wordpressWebsite Design with WordPress is far less complicated than Drupal.

This is the main reason to choose WordPress instead of Drupal. If you do not have a technical background Drupal is just going to be one headache after another. It is easy enough for just about anyone who is able to navigate the web to maintain a site built on the WordPress platform. To get the site up and going with a good design that keeps search engines in mind, you will need  a quality web designer. But the maintaining of the site and even adding new features can be done by someone with basic web experience.


Software and plugins are easy to update.

WordPress updates are dead simple: A couple of quick clicks and all the essentials can be updated.  This is not the case with Drupal. Updating the Drupal core requires technical know-how beyond the comfort level of even many tech-orientated individuals. It is common when upgrading to a new version of Drupal that most clients call their web developer to accomplish the task.


Website Customization is intuitive.

WordPress was designed to use things called “widgets”.  Widgets provide a quick way to customize your site by adding specialized items (an e-newsletter signup, a Twitter feed and so on) to your website. There is alot of stuff going on behind the scenes, but all you see is a super easy to use drag and drop interface. You move what you want where you want.  Drupal makes it harder for non-technical folks to customize a website.

Website design with WordPress is the best choice for the individual blogger to the small business owner and in most cases large companies too.