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I have been blogging for almost 5 years and in that time I have seen more bloggers come and go than I care to mention. The reality of blogging for profit is it’s incredibly difficult. A tiny percentage ever get to the point where they’re making sufficient income to cover their expenditure, never mind getting… Read more »

How Your Business Should Use Facebook Fan Pages

  Once you’ve set up your Facebook business page, there are specific ways to leverage your online community to get more attention for your company: 1) Invite all of your friends, vendors, and clients to “Like” your page. You know they already like you in real life, so it will give you some momentum and help… Read more »

Logo Design File Types

Standard Logo Design File Types: Here I explain a bit about the file types supplied as standard with your new logo design from The Logo Company. If you need any other file types that are not supplied as standard then please just ask. Our preferred design tools are Adobe Illustrator for vector design work and… Read more »

People Do Scan and Then We Read

Myth: People Don’t Read, They Scan One way to attract people is to keep your posts short. The argument goes, “People don’t read, they scan”. This is true to a certain degree, but rather than focusing on the magic length of a post, you ought to focus on the structure of your post. Design it… Read more »

How WordPress Beat Joomla

5 years ago when I started Web Circle I did a bunch of research on which CMS to choose and decided on Joomla!. For a year or so it was the CMS we used for pretty much every website and it was very sophisticated for what it could do at the time – particularly with… Read more »

Tips to Write Better Blog Posts

Here are some basic tips to help you write better business blog posts: Forget most of English 101: Write in the way that people speak to each other. Start sentences with “and” or “but.” Don’t be afraid to break grammatical rules if it makes your writing more interesting. Like one-word sentences and expressions. Jeez. Be concise: Use… Read more »