Prescott’s Audubon Society

The Prescott Audubon chapter is actively involved in projects benefiting our community whether it be providing Audubon Adventures – a science-based environmental education program for grades 3-5 – or helping to provide money to create a library for the Highlands Center’s new Lynx Creek Learning Center. Prescott Audubon has also adopted one of Prescott’s city parks – Stricklin Park. Members of the local chapter have donated money and supplied the physical labor to make improvements to the property.

Stricklin Park, located on Sherwood Drive off of Thumb Butte Road, is an all-natural park with walking trails and interpretive signs, but there are no restrooms and no playground equipment! So if you are looking for a place to relax, someplace where you can be one with nature or maybe a place to enjoy your lunch hour, then pull up a rock (there are no picnic tables) and enjoy!

Another example of how the Prescott Audubon Society has been improving the quality of life for Prescott-area residents is the donation of birdseed to care centers – at no charge to the care centers. For the past 12 years Audubon members have generously donated money that has been used to purchase birdseed, which is then given to care centers for the residents’ enjoyment of bird watching.