RVThereYet was designed from scratch to fill a need in the RVing community. There are over 16,000 RV parks in the US and while they are adequately represented in big phone book size directories there was a need to represent them online.  What started as  a directory for only the Northwest has grown to all of the USA, Canada, and parts of Mexico. The design needed to attract all types of Rvers with all types of RVs, so the design doesn't showcase expensive RVs at risk of losing users who...

M Line Holdings

M Line Holdings is a publically traded holding company for services and products that are primarily marketed and sold to the commercial aviation, medical, oil and gas and defense industries. They wanted to update the look and feel of their previous site that had gone a bit stale. A modern site with a grey steel theme was chosen to reflect the prestige of their company. Updates, news, and annoucements are featured prominently on the homepage and throughout the entire site. A live ticker ...

Calvary Chapel Dunfermline

The Calvary Chapel in Dunfermline requested a redesign for their church website. They wanted to give it a more mordern look and add some functionality. Rotating images of the local area were added as backgrounds so the beauty of the country could be seen on every page.  A more dynamic prayer request center was formed. Prayer requests could be submitted and then visitors could comment on those request to let those in need of prayer aware that visitors were praying for them. A more robus...

Antelope Hills Golf Course

The Antelope Hills golf course was given one page on the City of Prescott's website. They decided to move away from jus one page and a have a whole site dedicated to the golf course. An elegant theme with a dark green background was decided on. with various images of golf related items as accents. The north and south course was featured with dyanmic maps that enabled the user to select each hole and see a photo of the actual hole as well as the stats for that hole. A prominent sectio...

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

- Arthur C. Clark's Third Law

Wordpress Articles

Who uses WordPress?

Google Trends Chart Featuring Wordpress
According to Google Trends, WordPress is the fastest growing web publishing platform worldwide. While English speaking countries may appear to dominate, WordPress is being used extensively in Indon...

Reasons to use WordPress

Flexible Open Source Everything that makes up WordPress is open source. The functionalities and features such as Comments, Posts, Installation Facility, Galleries, Trash boxes, Plugins and much m...

Website Design: WordPress or Drupal?

Website Design with WordPress is far less complicated than Drupal. This is the main reason to choose WordPress instead of Drupal. If you do not have a technical background Drupal is just going to b...

Writing Quality Content For Your Website

Write Quality Website Content
Creating quality content is crucial to the success of your website. Here are some tips to help you do so.   DON’T DO IT YOURSELF Some people are better with numbers, some people are better w...

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Prescott, Arizona

Prescott’s Whiskey Off-Road

Matt Hinshaw/The Daily Courier
Though the bike racing was the main attraction of the 2015 Whiskey Off-Road on Saturday, April 25, there were quite a few other entertaining attractions to ...

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